Marketplace trading

Trading NFT

  • NFT can only be transferred from one wallet to another via buying/selling on FOTA Marketplace.
  • NFT Hero for sale/for rent must have a minimum level of 5. NFT items for sale/for rent must be Rare or higher.
  • NFTs reaching Max Profit in the Campaign Mode cannot be listed on FOTA Marketplace
  • When successfully selling/leasing 1 NFT, the seller/lessor receives 90% of the sale/lease. And the remaining 10% will be divided as follows: 5% to Treasury Fund, 2% of Referral Bonus fee, 3% creative fee.
  • The minimum time to rent NFT is 1 day. On expiration date NFTs will be claimable in the Account/History/Order menu on FOTA Marketplace.

Upgrade skill hero

  • When Hero NFT earns sufficient EXP, users can upgrade skills from menu Account/Upgrade skill
  • Upgrading skills costs 1 Aether/Skill Level without any other fees. After upgrade, Aether will be burned to increase Ownprice for the Hero NFT.

Claim PVE Rewards

  • After each transaction confirmation of winning The Ascent, the bonus is pending for 3 days, the player can see the list of pending bonuses and calculate claiming dates at the Account/Dashboard/PvE Reward menu
  • After 3 days of pending, the player claims the bonus by clicking the CLAIM button at the CLAIM tab. After 24 hours from 0:00 UTC, players who do not claim will be considered as “MISS”.
  • When claiming PVE Reward, players receive 90% of the rewards, the rest will be divided for Referral Bonus, Farm, and Landlord.