BNB Purchasing Tutorial

Your Binance account serves as a gateway for purchasing cryptocurrency. However, before you can purchase BNB, you must first open an account and verify your identity.
  • Sign up through the Binance App.
  • Sign up using your email address on the website.
  • Register with your mobile number on the website.
There are two ways to purchase BNB.
  • Option 1: Purchase directly from the Binance exchange.
  • Option 2: Buy from other users (P2P)

Instructions for purchasing BNB from the Binance exchange

Step 1: Get the Binance App.
Step 2: On the app's interface, click (Buy With ***).
Note: *** Please keep in mind that this will automatically convert to your local currency.
Step 3: At the interface, select "Buy BNB" and enter the amount you want to pay.
Step 4: You confirm the payment method after entering the amount to be converted to BNB.
Step 5: Confirm payment by entering your account information.
After entering your card information, the bank will confirm the payment to you, and you will receive the BNB converted into your wallet if the payment is successful.

Instructions for purchasing BNB from other users (P2P)

Step 1: At the Binance interface, select “P2P Trading”
Step 2: In the Trading interface, select the "BNB" item, then the Trader whose price you accept, and finally, click "BUY."
Step 3: At the interface to select the conversion value, there are two options
  • "By Fiat" is here if you want to enter an amount of VND to buy BNB.
  • Select "By Crypto" to enter a specific BNB number.
Then you receive the converted value and click BUY BNB.
Step 4: Binance exchange will assist you in creating a transaction with the seller so that the two parties can communicate directly. After exchanging complete confirmation information, click on "Transfer the Fund" to complete the transaction.
Step 5: Confirm the Trader's Bank account; copy the invoice's transaction code into it so that the system and the seller can check and transfer BNB to your wallet more quickly.
Step 6: Following a successful payment to Trader, you return to the chat box to notify Trader that the payment was successful. Wait a moment, BNB will be directly added to your wallet.