Campaign Mode Playing Tutorial

Step 1: After starting the game, select "Campaign" from the Lobby interface.
Step 2: Select the land you want to challenge in the "Campaign" interface.
  • The Earth
  • The Nightmare
  • The Greenland
There are a total of 30 lands (FOTAlands), which correspond to 30 missions, with each mission having 5 Submissions.
Step 3: To complete Campaign mode, players must have at least three heroesNFT squad members.
Details on HeroNFT preparation can be found here: Step 3: Getting Heroes​
  • Players need to win Submission 1-4 to unlock the final submission - The Ascent
  • “The Ascent” is the only Submission that rewards EXP and tokens as well as requires Energy before starting battles.
Details on Campaign Mode can be found here: Campaign Mode Gamplay (PVE)​
Step 4: After completing "The Ascent," the player must confirm on the metamask wallet within 10 minutes to complete the challenge and receive EXP/Reward.
The information provided above is a guide to playing FOTA's Campaign Mode; If you have any questions about game issues, please contact us via the FOTA Game - Support Group or send Feedback via the website
Details on the FOTA team's user support process can be found here:
Our video below contains detailed instructions: