How to play?

1. Fight Of The Ages installation instructions (FOTA)

Step 1: Visit the website at => In the top right corner of the interface, click "DOWNLOAD."
=> The download interface appears, prompting the player to select a location to save the FotaLauncher file.
Step 2: Continue by extracting and installing the downloaded file.
Click "Next" several times until the installation begins.
Step 3: After the installation is complete, launch the game by clicking on the FotaLauncher icon on the Desktop.
That's all there is to it. You're ready to play FOTA!

2. Connecting Metamask wallet to Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) instructions

2.1 How to Sign Up for FOTA NFT Marketplace:

Step 1: Visit the official website => To proceed with the connection with Metamask wallet, click “LOGIN”
Step 2: Create an account
Enter your personal email address and any reference codes (if applicable) => click "Create Account"
The authentication will be associated with the player's Metamask wallet. To validate the link, a $BNB fee will be required. So you can already buy NFT on FOTA Marketplace!
After connecting to the Metamask wallet, the interface appears.

2.2 How to connect your FOTA account to your Metamask wallet

Step 1: After successfully installing the game, the main screen will appear, players can proceed by pressing anywhere.
Step 2: Connect with wallet
The screen will appear asking you to connect the wallet; click "connect wallet" to complete the connection.
Step 3: A QR code for connecting to the wallet will appear, players must open the Metamask app to scan the QR code.
Step 4: To scan the QR code, open the MetaMask application and click on the code scan item in the upper right corner of the screen.
In the direction of the QR, the software will automatically connect to the game, displaying a message from Metamask, and players will only need to confirm
=> To complete the connection phase, click "Connect" => "Sign" => "Approve"
When the connection is complete, the following message will appear:
After a successful connection, the game will automatically download the data needed to launch.
Step 5: Players can enter the game once the connection is complete.
(Please keep in mind that you must have a Hero before you can play the game.)
Now that you have an account on FOTA Marketplace that is linked to your FOTA in-game account, you can optimise your account assets.

Basic guidelines of gameplay

  • Step 1: Access Campaign mode
In the game main screen, select “Campaign” to start
  • Step 2: Choose map and mission
After entering the Campaign section, players will be redirected to the Map selection screen, where they must complete all of the tasks in the previous map in order to unlock the next map.
The next step is to select a mission from that map, the players can select from a variety of missions, each mission will consume a certain amount of energy, please ensure that you have enough energy to complete the task.To begin the match, select the stage and press "Start."
  • Step 3: Choose your formation and equipment
The screen for formation and equipment selection will be displayed to the player. To conduct combat, select the appropriate Hero and equipment. When you're ready, press "Start battle" to begin the battle.
  • Step 4: Combat action in the match
The game will automatically fight, players can choose skills to launch attacks by clicking on the skills of each Hero (for mobile devices) or using the Q - W - E keys on the keyboard or the mouse (for PC players) corresponding to the skills.
After completing the match, press "Confirm" to confirm ang return to the main screen.