How To Receive Daily Quest Rewards

Step 1: At the Lobby, players will notice a "Quest" section. When interacting, the Daily Quest details and the amount of rewards (4 USDF) will appear. When the Daily Quest is not done, “Quest” will show the red exclamation mark “❗” as shown below
Step 2: Users enter the “Campaign” mode
Step 3: In the Campaign mode, players must complete Submission 1-4 to unlock the last Submission - The Ascent, after which the mission is fully completed. You can see the instructions on how to play FOTA Campaign Mode here: Campaign Mode Playing Tutorial​
Bước 4: After completing the challenge “The Ascent”, confirm the rewarding transaction on MetaMask wallet. Rewards will be added to your wallet account.
When you return to the Lobby, the Quest section will show a green tick “✔️” as shown below instead of the initial red exclamation mark “!”
Step 5: To check if the Reward has been added to the account, users need to log in to -> My Account -> DashBoard -> PvE Reward
Thus, in addition to receiving Rewards after winning the Submission “The Ascent”, you will receive an additional 4 USDF from FOTA Daily Quest. FOTA hopes that these instructions can help you to experience the game more easily.