Hybrid Farming Tutorial

FOTA creates a “Hybrid Farming” mechanism that first appeared on the crypto market that allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA Tokens to Farm with a LP token/FOTA Token profit ratio of 2.5 to encourage users to farm with LP tokens. Users can Claim profit every day and unfarm anytime without any cost.
Step 1: Link to access Farming: Then select “Farm”
Step 2: Enter the amount of FOTA you want to invest (it must be less than or equal to the amount of FOTA you own) into the domain below:
Step 3: After entering the FOTA number you want to Farm, select “FARM”
Step 4: The screen will display the MetaMask interface; simply select "Confirm". So the Farming step is complete.
Step 5: Remember to visit every day and select "Check - in" to receive profit. (If you fail to check-in, you will forfeit the previous day's profit.)
Step 6: In the history section below, you can check or track the time you received the reward.
FOTA's Hybrid Farming Guide is provided above; we hope you find it useful and earn more money from it.