Hybrid Farming with LP Tutorial

You must first have LP in your account.
Step 1: visit:​
Step 2: Log in to your wallet and select the network BNB Smart Chain as well as the Metamask wallet.
Step 3: After connecting the wallet in the menu bar “Trade” select “Liquidity”
Step 4: Select “Add Liquidity”
Step 5: In the interface to select the LP pair, select “FOTA” + “USDT” -> add Liquidity
Step 6: Enter the FOTA limit you want to stake into USDT, then click “Supply”.
For example, if you want to stake 100 FOTA into USDT, enter 100. FOTA amount (convert to USDT) = 1:1, or if you want to stake a percentage of your FOTA balance in your wallet, choose from the available percentage options on the site.
Step 7: Select “Supply” on your MetaMask wallet to complete the stake
Step 8: After successful staking, return to and log in.
You can complete the process by switching to the LP Farm section of the FARM interface and entering the number of LPs you want to Farm.