Participation instructions for the event FOOTBALL MATCH PREDICTION

Hi guys, The event "Football Match Prediction" has officially started. And here are the guidelines and some notes that you must know about this event:
⏰ Duration: 10:00 AM (UTC3) December 13, 2022 to December 18, 2022
⭐️ Guidelines:
✔️ Connect your wallet to DappBay: ​
✔️ Complete and verify all the required tasks to claim Glory Pass
✔️ Go to predict the winning team in the given period of time
✔️ If your prediction is right, return to the Football Fiesta landing page to open your mystery box and see what rewards you won
🛑 Note:
✔️ You can only vote for 1 team in each game
✔️ Participants must hold a Glory Pass to join the prediction challenge -> How Can You Claim Your Glory Pass: ​
✔️ Each Glory Pass holder is entitled to 1 vote per match and a vote cannot be changed once cast
✔️ Each prediction round opens 12 hours before the match, and ends 10 minutes before the start of the match. Strictly no extension of voting once the voting round has ended
🎁 Reward:
✔️ Rewards will be sent to your wallet address within 7 to 14 working days after campaign completion
✔️ You will win a random mystery box provided by Glory Pass partners.
✔️ All results are final and rewards are non-exchangeable
Friendly Remind:
  • We recommend you save a screenshot of the reward obtained after you open the blind box
  • To claim the Glory Pass, make sure to click the 'Verify" button when you've done the credentials and confirm the transaction
Let's join this exciting event!!