We welcome any suggestions and feedback you have, that will help us improve the FOTA and make it better. Please send us your comments and feedback through the feedback button on our website.
Step 1: Visit the website, then, press on the button [Feedback] at the lower right corner.
Step 2: The interface shown below will appear on your screen, fill in your information, your question or feedback about the game knowledge, bug/ technical issuse…
  • Type [Mandatory field]: Choose the type of problem you want us to provide feedback on (bug/ technical issuse, game knowledge, feedback or Suggestion)
  • Your name [Mandatory field]: Type your name
  • Email [Mandatory field]: Type your Email
  • Wallet Address [Mandatory field]: Type your Wallet Address
  • Subject [Mandatory field]: Type the problem and provide quick feedback.
  • Description [Mandatory field]: Type a detailed description of the problem you want to send us.
  • Country [Optional field]: Choose your country
  • Other Country [Optional field]: If your country is not listed above, enter its name here.
Step 3:[Mandatory field] Upload images
(If you don’t know what to upload, go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Account, then take a screenshot and upload this.)
Step 4: To show you are a human, click the box next to “I’m not a robot” and then follow the instructions.
Step 5: Click on button [Send]
👉 You can watch video tutorial below
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