Have heroNFT

Training Room guide for users who already have heroNFT

After successfully downloading the game and connecting the wallet (detailed instructions on how to download the game and connect the wallet can be found at: START​
Step 1: From the Lobby interface, choose "Training"
Step 2: In the Training feature, you can unlock all 20 heroesNFT and arrange your squad based on each position as follows:
  • Slot 1: MID Pioneer position, priority is given to Tanker Role corresponding to the number 1 position in Formation
  • Slot 2: TOP Support position, priority Nuker and Supporter respectively 2nd position in Formation
  • Slot 3: BOT Main position, priority Carry role corresponding to position 3 in Formation
Details can be found at: Squad position​
Step 3: After you've chosen your formation, click the "START BATTLE" button to begin the match.
TIP: FOTA has suggested ten typical lineups for you to try out here: Formation Build​
Step 4: When the match begins, the player can use all of heroNFT's skills and participate in the battle.
Step 5: After winning with the lineup you want to try, you can go back to the training room and experience another lineup