Without heroNFT

Training Room guide for users WITHOUT heroNFT

After successfully downloading the game and connecting the wallet: START​
If the user does not have a Hero NFT -> the screen interface will show "You don't have a Hero yet"
Step 1: From the lobby interface, choose "Play Demo"
Step 2: In the Training feature, you can unlock all 20 heroesNFT and arrange your squad based on each position as follows:
  • Slot 1: MID Pioneer position, priority is given to Tanker Role corresponding to the number 1 position in Formation
  • Slot 2: TOP Support position, priority Nuker and Supporter respectively 2nd position in Formation
  • Slot 3: BOT Main position, priority Carry role corresponding to position 3 in Formation
Details can be found at: Squad position​
Step 3: After you've chosen your formation, click the "START BATTLE" button to begin the match.
TIP: FOTA has suggested ten typical lineups for you to try out here: Formation Build​
Step 4: When the match begins, the player can use all of heroNFT's skills and participate in the battle.
Step 5: After winning with the lineup you want to try, you can go back to the training room and experience another lineup